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Solo project I 3 weeks 

Completed during CEEPUS+ exchange at the UMPRUM in Prague

Asia Design Prize finalist

X+ is a smart erotic toy that could help to increase your sex experience.
Using new technology and smart materials X+ is able to measure your excitation level and adapt the movement and structure to ensure the best pleasure.
X+ is designed for singles and couples. Via application your partner or any stranger, if you allowed, could manipulate your toy any time, any place.
Having sex in a long-distance relationship is no more a problem!
Each of the partners can stimulate the other’s toy.
Keep X+ inside yourself all the time and enjoy the excitement wherever you are.
It’s just your and your X+ secret.


smart erotic toy

x+ is not just an object it is as well the app that shows the excitation level measured by built-in sensors. The user can adjust the intensity, speed and temperature of the toy.


adjust the structure


x+ is consist of microbots on the surface, undetectable to the user. Using the app the user can change the structure of the toy.

replace the tip


It is possible to replace the tip of the toy to match the user’s preferences without the necessity to buy a new toy.

The users can adjust the shape of the toy to different preferences and types of sex.

adjust the shape

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IMG_82402 kopia_edited.jpg
IMG_8139_2text kopia.jpg

App flow

IMG_8161 kopia.jpg
IMG_8199 kopia.jpg
IMG_8161 kopia 2.jpg
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