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tell you love, differently.


Living in a constantly rushing World we spent more and more time focusing on our career and high status in society, than on building personal relations with a life partner.

Frequent business trips, upgrade courses or working abroad slowly sour the relationship between partners. Almost 40% of long-distance
relationships fail. The physical distance due to different locations make it hard for both partners, especially when they have no other choice than dialing or texting one another.


Unfortunately it is hard to replace the longing for being close to someone with a text message or just speech.

ReEmotion is a handy personal item for each partner which helps them to strengthen the relationship by exchanging the feelings on distance. It enables both partners to sent a feeling to the other one by using the light communicate unique for each emotion. The device gently shows the message sent by the other partner wherever he or she currently is. Reemotion enhances communication between partners and helps them to show that they think and care about the other one on a different level than just words.

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