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Gdansk Shipyard was for many years a place, where the history was written.

It was a witness to important pictures: talks, strikes, altercations, but also

a place of incredible power in people fighting for their rights.


The shipyard was not only a manufacture with people who worked there.
It was their family and true life.


It was, and it is still a place which has a strong impact on Poland inhabitants.


Walking through a destroyed area of Gdansk Shipyard nowadays we could see amazing frames of infrastructure, breathtaking colourful pictures, incredible structures. Industrial area with objects which could be inspirational for artists and designers.


I also find there Something that wanted so much to tell me its story.

Abandoned, a rusty pipe, laying between two almost collapsed buildings.

3 meters long, with unspecified function then, quickly recognized as a

compressed air pipe. 



reinforcing elements

 ø 1000 mm

easy to assembly

dedicated holes

assembly elements

assembly elements

dedicated elements

to setup


vertical details


vertical details

stabilization elements

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